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A personal message from the artist

Welcome to my latest website and online art gallery! There's no denying that art and creativity are my passions. Through this new website, it is now easier than ever for you to make a direct connection with my artwork to collect and enjoy. Did you need something more specific in size or style? Let's talk about your new commissioned work of art, and make it a reality. I offer worldwide shipping directly from my studio. If you have any questions, please feel free to connect with me. I'd be more than happy to assist you. Thank you and happy shopping!

- Markus

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  • Markus evokes connection in his use of two-dimensional space that is ancient in simplicity yet modern it its repeated experiments with color. His sense of balance and texture brings optimism across ever-changing surfaces.

    - Tarzeer Pictures Gallery
    | Manila Philippines

  • "I wanted to hang artworks on my wall that I would love and enjoy on a daily basis. I wanted it to reflect me in a way and create a welcoming vibe for my guests. More importantly, I wanted to hang paintings that would compliment my thoughtfully curated furniture. Markus's works are joyful, light and elegant. I have four of his paintings and probably more, if I was still living in the Philippines."

    - Macky Lovina | Chair at CAPE Foundation

  • "The clean lines and colorful textures of Markus' art made me do a double take the first time I saw his work. His art is simple, colorful and elegant. Collectors would not be disappointed collecting Markus's gorgeous pieces. He is surely someone to keep an eye on, in the art world."

    - Joey Puyat
    | President - Edge Properties Development Corp.

  • "I have known Markus a very long time but only really got to know him better over the last few years. What I have learned is that he puts so much meaning behind his artwork, and everything else he does. The 2 unique paintings hanging on my walls are a refletion of that, and to me, this is priceless."

    - Kishore Mirpuri
    | Timepiece Retailer

  • "I’ve been lucky to acquire two distinct pieces that chart Mark’s journey through his latest artistic inspirations. Each one draws me into a world either governed with precision, or upended in glorious chaos. I’m sure that, like myself, many of his followers can’t wait to experience what comes next."

    - Gerrard Fabie
    | Veteran Advertising Copywriter

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