Collection: 2019 - MIAMI Series

Miami has always been situated on a curious crossroads, a beguiling frontier where Western efficiency meets Latin vibrancy, where Caribbean sun warms gringo puritanism.

It is also where Markus Jentes discovered unbounded energy and possibility in one place. Miami pulses with a differently paced culture—architecture, music, design, and of course art, all beckon and seduce towards a more colorful life and meaning. “Miami makes California look sleepy,” he says.

He executes his work with the same hot and yet unhurried vitality. Miami has showed Markus the way to “experiment with colors in a minimalistic way… using hard edged lines and colors as the driving theme” of his current work.

Ultimately, Markus channels Miami into the homes of his followers, with an arresting ability to brighten rooms without a cascade of overlapping themes. “It can’t be too busy,” he adds. “In the end, my aim is simply to make my art appealing without the need for very deep meaning behind it.”

And that is important for today’s Filipino audiences. In the jumble we live in-- of noise, profundity, and a troubling tendency to “overthink”, isn’t a dash of unmistakably bold Miami adventure exactly what we need in our lives?

Written by: Gerrard Fabie