Collection: 2023 - Re Circulation Series

In Re Circulation, Markus Jentes presents a captivating continuation of his acclaimed abstract expressionist series, "Re Orient." This exhibition marks a deliberate return to past ideas, techniques, and inspirations, interwoven with fresh elements that redefine his latest creations. The resulting artworks pulsate with vibrant and lively colors in some pieces, while others exude a profound and mature darkness. 

Within this body of work, Jentes explores the notion of evolution and the cyclical nature of artistic expression. As he moves along with the series, he revisits and recirculates older ideas, techniques, and past inspirations, infusing them into his latest pieces. This process yields captivating contrasts, with some artworks showcasing playful and bright hues, while others reveal deep and introspective tones.

Central to the Re Orient series is the concept of relinquishing control and allowing the artwork to take its own form. It serves as a reflection of Jentes' personal journey, a reorientation of his directions in life. Through this exhibition, viewers gain insight into the evolution of his work and artistic style, as older pieces are juxtaposed with his latest creations. Additionally, Re Circulation introduces smaller format works, a departure from his past portfolio, demonstrating a renewed exploration of scale.

Jentes embraces a diverse range of mixed mediums, further expanding the expressive possibilities within his art. With each brushstroke and amalgamation of materials, Jentes invites viewers to delve into a world of artistic continuity and innovation, and to immerse one's self in the ever-evolving exploration of his unique and mesmerizing artistic expression.