Collection: 2022 - Terra Colóris Series

Terra Colóris was a way through which visual artist Markus Jentes could see how he could push the boundaries of his artistic practice to new heights and techniques. In this new solo exhibition, he goes beyond the limits of expressionism and impressionism further by showcasing work that isn't entirely abstract in subject matter, drawing inspiration for its themes from nature and its ever-changing colors and moods.

In doing so, Jentes displays his versatility as an artist, not confined to the styles, subject matters, and genres that he has often gravitated to throughout his career thus far. Of all the works in the exhibition, Jentes points to "Fall for Me" as a singular piece that showcases his departure from the subject-less abstract pieces. The warm earthy tones in the work, dappled with cooler hues, make the piece come alive and reveal a scene suggestive of the Fall season, which Jentes notes is the season he loves most.

Acrylic paint, which the artist has used for majority of his work, has allowed him to experiment with texture and color in different ways. In this show, acrylic on stretched canvas is used to create thousands of little color textures together to form a scene. With this in tow, Jentes looks forward to even broader strokes in the future, as the imagination and dedication to his craft that has always underscored his practice propels him forward to greater heights.

Written by: Sabrina Jeongco