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The Dragon's Ridge - Acrylic & Metallic Spray Paint on Canvas

The Dragon's Ridge - Acrylic & Metallic Spray Paint on Canvas

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The Dragon's Ridge

Medium: Acrylic and metallic spray paint on canvas

Dimensions: 30.5 x 122 x 4.5 cm (H x W x D excluding outer frame)

Year: 2022


Style: Abstract expressionism / semi-landscape - A reddish-toned landscape painting depicting sharp mountain ridges caressed by a golden mist under a warm and fiery sky.

Significance: Nature is all about balance. The contrast between heaven and earth is no different from the sky over the mountains below. This is where the mythical oriental Dragon lives, and is considered one of the most powerful zodiac symbols in Chinese culture. It is believed that clouds are formed from the Dragon's breath.

Red is a bright, auspicious color associated with warmth and life, and the Fire Element denotes good fortune and happiness. In China, the color red not only serves to express joy, but also to ward off evil influences.

Dominant Colors: Red, fuchsia pink, orange, white, gold

Outer Framing: Yes - black with gold trim

Ready To Hang: Yes

Stretcher Material: Wood, plywood

Certificate of Authenticity: Yes


This is an original, one-off, hand-painted and signed work of art from my studio. It is part of my on-going series titled: Re Orient, which first publicly exhibited on the 14th of January 2023, through the 1335 Mabini Gallery in Manila, Philippines.

The Re Orient series showcases my retake on oriental east Asian-style Art, expressed in abstract form. It takes inspiration from a variety of things such as traditional oriental landscape art, lucky and auspicious Feng Shui colors, Koi fish, Yin & Yang, and mother nature. 


Commissioned Art: Do you love this artwork, but it has already sold? Good news! I can create a custom-made painting, inspired by what you liked about the piece shown here. You choose the dimensions and we negotiate the price. Feel free to reach out to me to get started.

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